Anyone who is thinking of buying traffic, running ads, or wants to get a customer’s attention on social media

(soo… pretty much everyone)...


We could probably write a full length novel about the woes of running paid ads to funnels.



You wouldn’t believe how many people say 

the same thing in 1000 different ways. 

the problems all


  • My ads aren't converting

- OR -

  • My ads aren't converting enough to be profitable

the problems all


My ads aren't converting

- OR -

My ads aren't converting enough to be profitable

Here’s two big truths

that all advanced media buyers know 

that you don’t yet… (until now)

Audiences rarely
*actually* fatigue.
Audiences rarely
*actually* fatigue.
Scaling isn’t just about money and ad sets.
Scaling isn’t just about money and ad sets.



Maybe you’ve just started paid ads and ARE THINKING...

You just need to understand the ads manager or the pixel better to make your ads work like everyone else. 

Maybe you need a better audience.

No matter what you try, it appears that after a few days or weeks, your ads go from performing…to crapping out. And you’re back at square one.

Oh, it must be the bid strategy.

Or the targeting.

Or the….


It’s none of that

STAHP.... It’s none of that

Before there was a Facebook newsfeed, advertising was on TV, radio, and direct mail. 

And they all knew this one bold truth (that we have forgotten)... 

It’s ALL about the creative.

The ‘creative’ being a compilation of three things…





This is what matters. (Aside from an amazing offer and funnel, of course.)

Assuming you have that, your scaling woes and advertising issues
are all solved when you have this one thing:

A vault of new creative ad ideas that never runs out

A vault of new creative ad ideas that never runs out

we call it our...


What if you had a Creative Collection that provided you with an unending supply of new ads, which you could consistently and continuously pump into the newsfeed your people hang out in all day everyday? 

What if it stopped being so dang hard to come up killer ideas in the first place?

And the best news you've heard all day...

What if it works even if you AREN'T a big-time FB strategist and even if you DON'T have a big-time budget?

Look at just a few of our high-converting ads…

And we constantly get  comments like this:

And people ask, “How do you come up with so many cool ideas?”

Well first... notice what we DON’T have. 

We don't have fancy advertising and marketing degrees.

We aren’t recording full-blown, studio quality commercials for our ads.

We didn’t hire Don Draper from Mad Men. (Even though it may seem like it.)

You can do that of course, but let’s face it...

most of us don’t have that kind of budget or time.

So how do you create your very own Creative Collection that never runs out?

That’s whY we decided to create…

The Ultimate Model for Our



to Creating A Never-Ending Supply of New Ad Creative

Inside Ad Gorgeous

We’ll walk you step-by-step through our Curated Creative Collection Process:

We’ll show you exactly how we brainstorm to find The Perfect Angle. (Including how to find multiple angles on the same offer.)

We’ll teach you the principles of deploying Creative Direction successfully and how to use it to get even more ideas.

We’ll teach you the Art Of The Pickup Line to communicate exactly what you need to to get attention.

Finally, we’ll share with you our fail-safe but TOTALLY flexible Ad Copy Flow that ensures you’ve got the information you need on your ad.

Once you’ve done the hard work (which isn’t too hard—it’s actually fun!) with the first four steps, we’ll tackle the Design of the Creative itself. 

Imagine having

25 new ad ideas for ONE offer

after running through our five step protocol?

That’s exactly what Ad Gorgeous

will teach you how to create!

In addition to our Creative Collection protocol, we’ll include the following….

  • The Five Questions We Ask To Drive Great Creative Direction

  • 17 Of Our Best Pickup Line Themes (to stand out in the newsfeed)

  • What You Need To Know About Ad Colors, Sizes, Platforms, And Visuals

  • The Ad Copy Template That Keeps Your Copy Compliant, Awesome, + Helpful

And not only that, we’re also giving our “creatively challenged”
friends some extra runway to help them succeed…



We have a 3 part series by Adrienne Richardson that covers everything you should know about revamping your ad strategy.

In this Bonus session, Adrienne will teach you how to identify and optimize your winning Facebook ads to create more profitable SLO funnels.


Over-The-Shoulder Hook Writing With Julie + Cathy

We recently finished a 42 minute live over-the-shoulder creative brainstorm session with our high-end coaching students. 

In this Bonus session, we’ll show you in real time how we came up with five new ad ideas on a brand new offer.


Ads That Click Summit Interview Series

We interviewed 16 of the Leading (Big Spender) Ad Experts in the industry right now on all the things they are amazing at: scaling, audience targeting, budgeting, pixels, and more. 

Get all of these interviews included when you sign up, so that you have both the tech and tactics to go with your newfound creative genius role.

We know there is a lot to know about ads. 

We also know that your money is at stake, 

and it can feel scary to spend dollars 

when you’re not quite sure how the market will respond

Which is just another reason why it’s important to have a Creative Collection available for when it’s time for a newsfeed refresh!

And honestly…this Creative Collection won’t just help you with writing ads... 

It’ll help you think of new ideas for:


  Social Posts

  Blog Posts

  Podcast Episodes

And more!

Ad Gorgeous will officially drop in April for $97, and we’ll be doing some of the content live, so to get the absolute, most-insanely best deal, purchasing Russell’s book will give you one spot in this killer creative ads course…for free!

*Please note, we’ll be delivering all the goodies by April 20th, and portions of this will be done live. (You’ll receive an invitation.)

Ad Gorgeous Full Course - Unlimited Access

Five Ad Training Phases

Phase 1: 

The Perfect Angle

Phase 2:
Creative Direction

Phase 3:
The Art of the Pickup Line

Phase 4:
Ad Copy Flow

Phase 5:
Ad Creative Design

Creative Bonuses 

Bonus 1:
Winning Ads with

Adrienne Richardson

Bonus 2:
Over-The-Shoulder Hook Writing With Julie + Cathy

Bonus 3:
Micro-Angle Creation Tool

Bonus 4:
FB Ad Flow Cheatsheets

Bonus Swipeables

The Five Questions We Ask To Drive Great Creative Direction

17 Of Our Best Pickup Line Themes to Stand Out in the Newsfeed

What You Need To Know About Ad Colors, Sizes, Platforms, and Visuals

The Ad Copy Template That Keeps Your Copy Compliant, Awesome, and Helpful

BONUS: Ads That Click Summit Recordings - Unlimited Access

High Ticket Ad Strategies With Cold Traffic

The Audience Multiplier Method For Expanding Your Reach

Running Ads For Local Businesses

Evergreen Webinar Ad Strategies To Increase Conversion

High Level Strategy For Ads With Front End Offers

Viral Ads + A Never-Ending Flow Of Cool Ad Ideas

Using Pinterest Platform for Organic and Paid Reach

Scaling Ads + Campaign Budget Optimization

The Little Known Traffic Strategy That Once Leveraged,
Can Return Insane ROI

Ad Scripts That Work Ads for Ecommerce Companies

Smart Strategies for Instagram Ads

Expert Ads for Successful Launches

Advice for Ads Managers + Agencies with Facebook Ads

Which Numbers Really MATTER on Your Ads

Conversion copywriting strategies for Ads

Total Value = $1500

Today’s Price = $97 

Get your spot inside Ad Gorgeous today!

xx Julie Chenell & Cathy Olson

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